Cleveland Cavaliers Best in the East - The Cleveland Cavaliers have been proclaimed by many to be the next NBA champions after their signings of Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Snow Bored - There's definitely a freedom in flying at high speeds down a hill through fresh powder snow, the cold wind threatening your face with minor frostbite, and your feet strapped to a few sticks of wood.

Hockey Rules Made Easy - If you're a newcomer to the game of hockey you may find the rules of the game a bit confusing, but with a little self-educating you'll pick up them right away.

Snowboard Stance - When you?ve purchased you?re snowboard, you are going to want to determine what stance you will use.

First undrafted quarterback to be elected into the Hall of Fame - Warren Moon kept himself a busy schedule after high school he played at a junior college in Los Angeles and in the Canadian Football League before reaching the NFL.

Lance Armstrong Dont Just Do It Do It Right - According to reports Lance Armstrong is seriously considering coming out of retirement to race in the Tour De France and Try and win it for an eighth time.

Free Skateparks and Social Responsibility - Since its inception in the early 1970's, skateboarding has always set a precendent for creativity and individuality.

Put Your Finger on the Finest Firstbase Gloves - When looking for perfect firstbase gloves, you have a few considerations to remember.

Docs WAC Preview Conference Will Get National Attention In With Two Strong Programs - Be prepared to hear quite a bit about the Western Athletic Conference this year.

Youth Softball Bats for Players of All Sizes and Strengths - Getting your team the right batting gear can mean the difference between a good season and a bad season.

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