Lance Armstrong Dont Just Do It Do It Right

According to reports Lance Armstrong is seriously considering coming out of retirement to race in the Tour De France and Try and win it for an eighth time. These reports say Lance is so disturbed by the attacks on him from the French Media about Steroid use that he wants to race and win one more time.I hope Lance Armstrong does come out of his short lived retirement and win an Eighth straight Tour De France. As a proud American I do take great pride in having this Cancer Surviving American beating the best in the world in what may be the most grueling athletic event ever.Lance Armstrong do it right.

Make sure that after you do win that 8th straight Tour De France that there can be no doubt in anyones mind that you used steroids. Lance you need to be ready willing and able to go above any testing standards that currently exist today.Lance you need to agree to be tested by an Independent Testing agency jointly approved by the French press and officials from Team Discovery. You need to agree to random tests anytime anywhere from this Independent Testing agency. You need to allow this Independent Testing agency to publish the results of every single test.Lance when you do win this 8th straight Tour De France at an age when athletes in other sports have long since been sent to the retired Athletes home, with strict verifiable, public testing.

You are indeed proving to the world you don't need no stinking needles to be a Winner.

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