Snowboard Stance

When you've purchased you're snowboard, you are going to want to determine what stance you will use. Snowboarding stances are different for everyone, so don't go copying you're best friend! For starters, you will have to decide if you will put you're left foot forward or you're right foot. Left foot forward is referred to as regular and right foot forward is called goofy.

To figure out which foot you should put forward you can have a friend push you from behind, and which ever foot you use to stop yourself will be the foot you put forward on you're snowboard. Next, you will want to determine the width of youre stance. The width will depend on where you put you're bindings.

Bindings are what holds you're boot into place. You're bindings should be placed so that you're feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart.You should also consider the fact that you should feel comfortable and sturdy.

You will also want to decide on the angles you place you're bindings in. The angles that you place for you're feet are based entirely upon personal preference. The angles will be printed on you're bindings to make it easy for you.For beginners it is usually recommended that you're front foot should be angled about 21 degrees and then altered to what feels natural and comfortable for you. Remember that the angles you prefer can change at anytime, and bindings are very easy to adjust.

.Tyler D King - Winter Snowboarding.

By: Tyler D King

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Snowboard Stance - When you?ve purchased you?re snowboard, you are going to want to determine what stance you will use.

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