Dallas Maverics Vs Miami Heat

Best: Heat @ Mavericks: Dallas has done very well against quality teams at home, and one of the last ones they haven't seen comes in on Thursday. How well will Josh Howard do to prevent Dwayne Wade from going off the way he did against Cleveland? Not well, it is the Mavs after all. Their record this season has been spectacular. They may even snatch the division from the defending champions Spurs but the truth of the matter is that they still have no defense. They will attempt to play some in this game but fall flat offensively.

They lose by six points. Predicted Score: Miami wins 93-87.Runner-up: Bulls @ Kings: It will be interesting to see how well Ron Artest will perform coming back from pulling his groin. I am assuming he plays this game as he is scheduled to do. Mike Bibby is a lot like how Kirk Hinrich should be: clutch and the team leader.

Hinrich will be where Bibby is at in a couple of years but until then, Chicago needs some consistency to make it to the playoffs this season. The Kings have not shown a dominant home court advantage as they have had the past several years. This game will not be so easy as it should. Predicted Score: Sacramento wins 107-102.

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By: David Pincus

Baseball World

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