Dynamic Duos Those Incredible As

Jimmy Foxx and Al Simmons
Two Hall of Famers that played eight years together.
Al Simmons career began in 1924 as a 22 year old.
Jimmy's career started in 1925 as a 17 year old.The Combo ? These are the statistics that were the results of both men's efforts while playing together from 1925 to 1932.They played 1088 games on the same team, batted .353 together, drove in 1721 as teamates and hit 374 home runs as a twosome.

Key points
Jimmy Foxx was most productive after Al Simmons left the A's.
And when he went to Boston.
Al Simmons best years were with the A's as Jimmy Foxx's teammate.Al Simmons had five straight years where he had 200 or more hits. Four of those years were as Jimmy's teammate.Jimmy Foxx had four years of 150 or more RBIs.

He also had 13 years in a row of over 100 RBIs. He is tied for the record for most overall 100 RBI seasons with 13.Jimmy Foxx has one of the highest RBIs per at bat at .240 for his career.Check this out.As a duo: Jimmy Foxx and Al Simmons.

Year . Runs . HRs . RBIs .

Bat Average.1929 . 237 . 68 . 275 . .

360.1930 . 279 . 73 .

321 . .358.

1931 . 220 . 52 . 248 . .340.

1932 . 295 . 95 . 320 . .


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