LA Lakers Pound Miami Heat First Half Lead At

This game closed with the Los Angeles Lakers as a 3.5 point underdog. The Lakers were also at +135 to win the game. The Miami Heat are a better team and the public's fascination with Shaquille O'Neal made this spread so high.I pounded the Lakers on the moneyline for my bookies maximum wager for a couple of reason. First, the Kobe Bryant Lakers are staring at triple revenge against the Shaq Heat dating back to last year.

At home, these Lakers will be motivated for the necessary win against their contribed foe. Second, the Miami Heat are playing in their last road game in a long road trip. Their effectiveness and concentration in this game will not anywhere near the level of the Kobe Bryant Lakers.The public was all over the Miami Heat in this game and Las Vegas and the sportsbooks are cashing in but any type of effective sports handicapping will tell you that the Lakers were the better bet as +135 on the money line.The only thing to ever worry about when betting on the LA Lakers is if they are playing on no rest. They are one of the worst teams if playing on back to back days but with them rested, the Lakers came out firing on all cylinders.

Worth considering is the fact that after 5 consecutive 40+ point games, Kobe did not hit that for two consecutive games, was he holding back for this game?.

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By: Proloy Bhattacharyya

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