Snorkeling Tours

The Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos in the Pacific and the Caribbean in the West Indies are among the most popular locations for snorkeling. Many tours are offered in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia with a price tag starting at $60.Snorkeling tours include tropical fruits, snacks and juices and sodas. Some also include the use of an underwater hydrophone, lunch, fresh water showers and a no-host bar.

Sightings of exotic marine life are guaranteed backed by the offer of a free visit if none occur.Dolphins and whales, endangered fish, turtles and even manta rays greet snorkelers in Hawaii. Each year, the humpback whales, one of the largest animals on Earth swim over 3000 miles from Alaska to Hawaii. The peak season for snorkeling in Hawaii is from December to March.Visitors at the Galapagos will see various creatures flying, swimming or basking on the beaches.

They can also see an abundance of marine life a few feet down in the water, a just off shore. Look for the magenta octopus, sea turtles and penguins, too.The Great Barrier Reef offers snorkeling tours on its outer as well as inner reef. The Outer Reef in the Great Barrier Reef can be reached within two hours on a high-speed boat. The reef is believed to be around 10,000 years old and stretches for over 1,200 miles along the Northeast coast of Australia.

Tours at the Reef offer chances to view coral, which forms only in clear and salty water. Snorkeling tours are guided tours with marine biologists, featuring underwater observatories and semi-submersible vessels.

.Snorkeling provides detailed information about snorkeling, snorkeling fins and more. Snorkeling is affiliated with Dirt Bike Parts.

By: Max Bellamy

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