The Joys And Benefits Of Hummingbird Houses

These days bird-watching has escalated as "baby boomers" and other groups are aging and taking to the quiet life. This includes not only reading, contemplation, and thoughtful conversation, but also bird watching.One of the most curious, fascinating birds to be seen are hummingbirds, and for this, a bird house specifically designed to their species is a perfect way to attract this rare, exceptional creature to one's yard.

Hummingbird houses attract these wonderous creatures for your viewing and listening pleasure.Hummingbirds are the world's smallest birds. For this reason, along with some of their habits and unique flying abilities, they have garnered much attention through the years. It is the dream of many bird watchers to have a small showing of these creatures on a regular basis.

The best way to do this is to have some hummingbird houses on site.Hummingbird houses, like their occupants, are small. They can be so small, in fact, that their houses are relatively hidden from view. This is fine for many people as it is the bird itself that they wish to view, and so such houses are sometimes placed at the inner part of a branch, close to the tree trunk.Of course, one need not place the houses only on a tree as hummingbird houses also go well hanging from the overhangs and gutters of houses, along with off of shrubs, poles, and other such free-standing plants and structures that are tall enough to preclude an incursion by cats.By their size, hummingbird houses can be made from almost anything that is much larger than an adult human's hand.

This includes small boxes, gourds, tin cans, and milk cartons. The basics of such homes are simply an enclosure with a small hole that will allow access for these tiny birds. On that note, the homes can be specific to this species by making the hole only large enough for hummingbirds (though some other small species might be able to also finagle their way in too, such as finches).To add to the attractive nature of such a home, place the structure near to flowers that are frequented by hummingbirds. Further, by offering a feeder, hummingbirds will be predisposed to make a visit. A word of warning is offered about this, however.

The drink that hummingbirds consume is not mere sugar water, and to offer sugar water only can be harmful to hummingbirds as they can acquire a fungus in their beaks that can be a mere nuisance or even deadly. To avoid this problem it is best to purchase hummingbird nectar.

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By: Keith Londrie

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