The Radical Sport of Tubing

What better way to spend a sunny summer day than to go tubing? No, you shouldn't confuse this water sport for the pipes or hoses that your plumber use when repairing your bathrooms or kitchen sink. Consider this type of tubing as the fun way to look at the word itself.Tubing is also referred to as inner tubing. In some groups, the slang "toobing" is also used to refer to this recreational sport.

Tubing is a water activity that entails a person to ride an inner tube either on water or snow. However, water tubing is considered more popular than snow tubing.To go water tubing entails a person to ride a tube while a motorboat or a personal watercraft pulls on it. Tubing should be done in a river, a lake or any body of water with a large space for both tubes and motorboat to move around.The current from the body of water conveys the tube while the high-speed pull from the motorboat gives the person riding the tube that sought after adrenaline rush that keeps tubing enthusiasts going back for more.

The tubes used for tubing are often times inner tubes of tires themselves or inflatable tubes specially designed for this recreational sport. If you are on a budget, some expert tubers commonly suggest looking through a phone book's yellow pages and contacting some auto repair shops.Try finding garages and service centers along a highway. More often than not, these establishments cater to trucks for repairs and tire replacement. Truck inner tubes are the best ones to use for tubing because they are large and sturdy enough to carry a full grown man.

Usually, a truck owner does not replace his trucks' tires individually. More often than not, when a truck comes in for tire replacement, a garage owner ends up with several used truck inner tubes at a time.If you know your way around and if you get on a garage owner's good side, you can get these tubes for a very low price. If you are lucky, you may even get enough those inner tubes for free!.

However, if you do not fancy tubing in old truck tires, there are specially developed tubes that you can buy on sport shops. These tubes may have built in handles for you to grip on while tubing.Also, some tubes are crafted to have sleeves made from synthetic fabric to prevent the tubes from getting stretched and elongated while they are being pulled by a motorboat.Like any recreational sport, tubing on water depends on the season. As already mentioned, it is best to go tubing during the summer and spring seasons when the sun is up and the temperament of the water is generally calm.

However, since tide and weather varies from state to state, it is best to inquire the local water recreational sports shops regarding the best time to go tubing.It also is best to keep in mind some safety precautions when tubing. Checking local weather conditions is a step in doing so. Bear in mind that tubing before or after a storm can be dangerous because of the unpredictable movement of the water.

If you are just new to tubing, it is best to sign up with a water sport shop to help you go about with your tubing experience. Be sure that the water sport shop that you enlisted to go tubing with knows how to go about this sport. Tubing is a fun and exciting sport but it can be dangerous when not executed properly.Lastly, it best to know how to swim when you go tubing. While in a tube, it is possible that you may fall in the water and risk the danger of drowning.

If you do not know how to swim, have someone who knows how to swim ride on the tube with you. Have a life jacket on too just to be safe.Now, who would have thought that the word tubing can go way beyond its usual definition?.


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By: James Monahan

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